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Most Nations are inundated with thousands of natural resource referrals every year and it becomes an incredible challenge to sort through and respond to these referrals. We can assist your Nation in a broad variety of ways. We can:

  • Create policy which sets out how your organization deals with natural resource referrals and how resource users operating in your Traditional Territory are expected to interact with your Nation.

  • Create forms and template letters that streamline and standardize your processes and create efficiency for your Natural Resource Management Department.

  • Provide advice on which technical systems and tools will provide the greatest efficiency for your Natural Resource Department.

  • Help your Nation to sort through your current referral load and identify the most pressing priorities, and ensure those files are given the attention that they require.

The people at Arrowhead dwell every day in the world of negotiation with natural resource users and with the Crown. Our team is accustomed to dealing with a broad variety of industry sectors, from mining to forestry to utilities and transportation.

We can provide the assistance your Nation needs so that you convey a strong, effective message to the Crown and to the companies that are active in your territory. We can help you translate your engagement with the Crown and industry into enhanced environmental stewardship, capacity development and economic opportunity.

Ultimately, enagement with the Crown and with industry often results in the need for some sort of agreement. At Arrowhead we have extensive experience negotiating and drafting a broad variety of agreements, in a broad variety of sectors. Some of our areas of experties include:

  • Impact Benefits Agreements
  • Exploration Agreements for mining and other resource exploration industries
  • Economic and Community Development Agreements
  • Communication Protocols

Arrowhead offers full service, from negotiation, to drafting and legal advice, through to assisting with implementation of your agreements.

We keep things as simple, as practical and as affordable as they can be for the Nation.

The Arrowhead team has a huge amount of collective experience in the development of enhanced governance structures. Whether your nation is under the Indian Act, a Treaty, or a stand-alone self-government agreement, we can assist you with your governance needs. We can:

  • Assist you in developing, drafting and implementing bylaws or laws.

  • Assist in developing Land Codes or Constitutions.

  • Develop policies and procedures which strengthen your oganization.

  • provide strategic advice about governance opportunities that may exist for your Nation.

Arrowhead can also assist you with building the ideal business structure to allow you to capitalize on opportunities within your territory. Whether it's a venture driven by the Nation alone, or a joint venture with another partner, we can come up with practical and creative solutions that allow you to maximize your opportunity, minimize your risk and achieve all of your business goals. We are very mindful of the tax and other considerations which must be factored into the development of the ideal business structure.